Changing The Face Of xxDestructionxx

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Changing The Face Of xxDestructionxx

Post  Owner Den on Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:17 pm

hey guys i know ive deleted the 317 server, but i had good reasons why, but i had made a epic 508 server
76% mithscape
24% main coding by me Very Happy
i added 11 quests! that are fully funtional and fun to do
i just set up our Runelocus Page
Runelocus Page
Here Is The Ip Changer
and set the ip as:
it has summoning wich u can only train my getting lamps from level 2 men scatered around server ( mostly lumberage castle Wink )
so download today we need to fill our staff possitions and im writing down our staff this time so i don't get mixed up lol Razz
vote on Runelocus for a 15M reward and advevrtise whenever u can to get higher chance of Staff
if you wish to apply for staff in general set up a staff application on forums like the other players have!
i must admit i like this server a lot, and i hope you do to!
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