Dawts list of bugs, and other feedback.

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Dawts list of bugs, and other feedback.

Post  Dawts on Wed Feb 02, 2011 3:50 pm

I was thinking of collecting all bugs, glitches and random flaws I find in this thread. Some of the things are actual bugs, some are balance issues, and some things may just be personal preference feedback.


NPC - Elf Warriors - They currently have a melee animation (with crystal bow), and they fully ignore all prayers. I'm quite sure this isn't intended.

WEAPON - Dragon Dagger - The special attack is too inaccurate on other players.

Balance Issues:

Slayer Experience - It's way too low, I leveled attack, strength and defence to 99 doing almost nothing but slayer tasks, it got me to roughly 58 Slayer (240k xp). It needs a serious boost to be a desirable skill. (Slayer should be slow, but this is simply way too slow).

Prayer - Whereas each melee hit give 750xp (correct me if im wrong). Normal bones used on altar give only 100xp, Big Bones give no more than 300xp, and Dragon Bones give a minor 1.3k xp, take into concideration that each dragon are likely to give around 75k melee XP. It calls for a boost, for the sake of balance. I was in the high 80's in each combat stat before even reaching 43 prayer.

Thieving - I'm not sure if this is intended, but the level 1 stall only gives 100 xp each thieve, and the 2nd stall is at level 40. Thats a horribly long time for such a basic starter skill.


I'm likely to edit this post as I progress on the server.
Hope to see some changes come live, it's certainly needed ;)

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Re: Dawts list of bugs, and other feedback.

Post  Owner Den on Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:00 pm

vary nice Smile
i luv the layout and effort u put into this post.
me and scotticus will try to fix it ASAP Very Happy
sorry for the small inconvience Sad
cya around!
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Slayer Tower

Post  Cloudstrife on Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:21 pm

Has anyone else been too Slayer Tower, and had it said loading and just not work again? I had it happen too me yesterday and I had to reload the page going both up and down the stairs and even teleporting out of there froze me up.
Also, there's a glitch thing with going down the stairs, when the server's online I'll show you Smile
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Re: Dawts list of bugs, and other feedback.

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