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Post  Shane Sun Feb 06, 2011 6:17 pm

Name: Shane
Ign: Shane
Age: 14
Exprience: Mod 3 times Admin: 1 Co-Owner or Owner: 1.
What can I do to help the server: Keep all players under control in a fun matter by not
being a "Jerk" or a "Good mod that let's you do anything." I will be in between which
will be a good thing to keep players contained.

I know this is a little too early I've been playing a couple days on and on, I want to
be a moderator so I can keep all players and make this sucessful server. I will report
all glitches to the awesome owners or admins. I just love this server and hope I can
help out keep this server amazing for as long as the people want.
I Really love the staff and players of xxDestructionxx.
This server I would love to help out by being a moderator (In game.) I think I could
help the new players on having a good time and be suecessful on xxdestructionxx!
I will treat all players and staff respectfully and be a productive Moderator by
helping all players have fun and be suecessful on the rsps!
I will treat all players like royal people and staff.
We will thrive into a suecessful top 10 runelocus server, I believe we could.
I recruit alot to make members join I get "Perm" ban on servers to make this server
better and more suecess with lots of new players.

I Hope, I really hope you will consider me as part of your staff.

Thank you. -Shane

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