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xxDestructionxx Begins Full Effect

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xxDestructionxx Begins Full Effect Empty xxDestructionxx Begins Full Effect

Post  Owner Den Wed Feb 09, 2011 8:26 pm

hey guys i got vary bad news, for the people whove played this server before your account is reset, we made a vary hard disscion wether or not to do it, but for rares to be rares and donations to be more wanted we had to reset all accounts, not including staff accounts due to important reasons.
so yea its harash a lot of people will probebly quit but then again i think its what the server needed, everyone was walking around with party hats and rares. it was no longer a eco server. so we reseted everything.
im so sorry for the inconviences, will be giving back 1 item but not rares such as eg. (party hats, h'weens, santa)
Owner Den

once we get the donation thing set up right well bve getting more players because its $30 to have a sponsered server post on Moparsacpe Server Status.
so once we get #30 or so we cna get that meaning a load of players will come in and more people iwll be useing the donation center mroe often Smile
FTW: you can read the Donation Center Page CLICK ME
again sorry.
Owner Den
Owner Den
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xxDestructionxx Begins Full Effect Empty Cool :D

Post  gow2yo Fri Jun 17, 2011 5:01 pm

Hey Den! I heard that the server is coming back up! If you dont remember me, I was gow2yo. I was an admin last time I remember. Hopefully you read this.
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