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Staff Application (mod or admin) - Alienroyd

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Staff Application (mod or admin) - Alienroyd Empty Staff Application (mod or admin) - Alienroyd

Post  Alienroyd Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:17 pm

Name: Nathan
Age: 16
Game Name: Alienroyd

Hey i'm Nathan, i think i would make a good mod because i know how to talk to people and get along really well with others. I'm a easy going fun guy that would make a well liked staff member, if someone needed help from me i would help the player as much as i could or i would contact a another staff member who would know more about the question being asked. I would follow the rules of any staff member and not use them to my own advantage, i would play like any other player, fair and by the rules. I'm always on the computer and would be on the server when it is online all the time ready to help any player that needed it.

but what i'm really trying to say is, if i was apart of the xxdestructionxx staff team. i wouldn't let you down Smile

Thanks for your time Smile
Nathan - (Alienroyd)

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